Top 3 Women Poker Pros

The Women Below -

These 3 women are the tops female poker players of our time. Check out their pictures, read a little bit of them and see who you like best. Our favorite is Vanessa Rousso.

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1. Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso has it all, She’s beautiful, a fantastic poker player and one of the best female poker players to ever play the game. In her entire career she has won about $4 Million! She has no signs of stopping there, we definitely see her winning the main event one day.

Vanessa has became very popular in the poker world around 2006. When she finished 7th at the WPT Championship. Late 2006, she finished 8th at another event in the WSOP.

Vanessa does more than just play poker, she is a spokesperson for

2. Liv Boeree

Liv boeree began her interest in the poker industry when she was chosen in a group of 5 contestant for a reality TV show around 2005. While she was in this show, she was lucky enough to be coached by poker pro Phil Helmuth.

Liv’s first success in 7th at the Welsh Amateur Poker Championships was when it all really began. After that she became 1st place at Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace.

Out of all of Liv’s total poker success she has come out of a total of  $1,900,000 so far.

3. Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood was once only a very hot Playboy Model, but now she is a poker star/model. She is a raging poker player with much potential

In her poker career she quickly has earned a total of $1.5 Million

She has joined the professional poker players team at and continues to actively play in poker tournaments